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Vinschgau apricot - organic sun-block-lotion (medium factor)

BERG - Sun protection

Vinschgau apricot - organic sun-block-lotion (medium factor) 150 ml

Rich moisturising lotion with anti-inflammatory effect and high sun protection factor. Also ideal for children. The ingredients of edelweiss and carotenoids, vitamin B5 and the folic acid in the apricot offer effective protection from UVA and UVB rays, moisturise the skin, make it soft, supple and delay the ageing process. Application: Before sunbathing apply generously onto dry skin and repeat this application several times, especially after swimming.

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BERG - Body care

Cooling arnica cream 50 ml

A light and fresh emulsion lending an immediate feeling of refreshment and lightness to the muscles, especially after exercise. This Arnica Cream contains a combination of plant extracts with arnica and horse chestnut. Its ingredients strengthen the capillaries and therefore micro-circulation. They promote the breakdown of water retention in the tissues, thus reducing swelling. The tissues regain vitality and elasticity. The Emulsion can be used several times per day. It can contribute to significant relief, in particular for extended periods of standing or during hiking.

Alpine rose moisturising mask

BERG - Facial care

Alpine rose moisturising mask 50 ml

This caring facial mask balances the skin and strengthens its ability to preserve moisture. The mask contains essential fatty acids from organic almond oil and Shea butter, which protects the skin from drying out. It leaves you with a smooth skin and the protective function is improved. Mallow and apricot extracts have an anti-inflammatory effect and calm and care for the skin. Rich in vitamin E and Rhododendron extract this mask slows down the skin agin process.

Edelweiss bath (harmonising)

BERG - Bath products

Edelweiss bath (harmonising) 150 ml

This bath additive increases your well-being. It is a concentrate rich in active plant ingredients. The edelweiss and alpine rose extracts not only have a cleansing, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the skin, but the high Proportion of tannins, in particular, stimulates the skin‘s metabolism, strengthens and firms it. In short, these ingredients combat sagging skin. Application: add the desired quantity of the concentrate to the bath water. Shake before use.

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BERG - Bath products

Lavender bath (relaxing) 150 ml

This bath additive is a concentrate from active plant ingredients with a soothing and calming effect on body, soul and mind. Melissa and camomile have skin-calming, anti-inflammatory and healing properties and relax the muscles. Rosemary has a balancing effect on circulation and stimulates the skin‘s circulation. Lavender regenerates and Alpine Rose firms the skin. Application: Add the desired quantity of the concentrate to the bath water. Shake before use.